Through this competition, we would want to help students to get started with digital accessibility; That would result in either helping them build career in accessibility area or keep accessibility in mind while they develop any products. Another objective is to help students get started with habit of writing documentation and blog posts.

What is the competition?

Pretty simple, identify a website of Indian Government and/or any state government websites. Test them for accessibility using aXe tool and write a blog post with findings.

How it works?

Sign-up for the competition and you will receive information about platform that you use for writing a blog post. You will be required to test the website of your choice and write a blog post on the platform. You will be allowed to edit your posts until 30th April, 2018 18:00 Hrs (IST).

Judging Criteria

Coming soon.

Author Registration

Registrations are closed. Wishing students all the best. Happy testing and blogging.